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We work with business-to-business agencies and companies, franchise development teams as well as franchises. We work with virtually every type of company who needs new introductions and meetings either for their client base and or sales processes.

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We bring new ideas to reach your target market prospect

Let us show you first hand why we have been successful in this field. With more competition today, it is essential that your new business effort be persistent, tactical and executed on a daily basis. We generate interest and curiosity through our integrated forms of communication. There are several tactical methods for generating highly-qualified meetings. Excel has learned through the years of working with companies, what exactly works best.

We build bridges to your expertise
The qualified meetings we deliver may be based upon a number of attributes such as; specific vertical, company size, geographic location, business-to-business or business-to-consumer. We cross the bridge through several communication vehicles, which include promotional items mailed to their office, e-mail correspondences, white papers, voice messaging and calling, all for the purpose of building rapport and building relationships. Our primary goal and objective is to open doors for your company in which to do business.

Reaching the desired outcome
Our lead generation process begins by analyzing data and then taking the correct approach in utilizing this data to achieve optimal results. We are able to drill down into a company and look into specific key stake holders.  We are able to view who is responsible for each area and how to maximize our contact strategy.  We cross reference our Advent data system with Linked In and other tools, to maximize what we know prior to the call.

Excel serves as your new business development engine for business-to-business and business-to-consumer lead generation. We bring broad experience to reach the target prospect through well thought out programs.

About Tom Santen

tom-santen-bwExcel Lead is managed and operated by Tom Santen, who has been actively involved in business development for the past 28 years. He has held positions with Mars Shopper Marketing managing the Kroger business across 2,200 stores, held the Growth Director job for Empower MediaMarketing a 450 million agency and also managed 3 business development office for jag advertising which has significant growth as the result of Tom’s new business programs.

Tom is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and Journalism. Additionally, Tom has participated in ongoing Sandler Training to stay current on today’s latest business communication techniques.

Tom brings years of focused agency experience to Excel and a multi-faceted approach that can be adapted to virtually all business categories. Tom is considered by his peers to be one of the most innovative business development professionals working in this field. An example of this, is his unique ability to study business leads deeply, prior to making contact. His point of contact is many times a creative one, touching on something of interest within the contact’s life. Tom believes that “Removing the barriers of being a stranger is a quick way to become a friend.”

Additionally, Tom has made mention that, “If you don’t see experience with your company’s business category outlined in his marketing materials, that’s a good thing.” Tom feels that some of the biggest leaps in lead generation come from “blank canvas” initiatives. These are exciting new areas of business that promote fresh innovations for Excel and have a tendency to move the needle further than by reapplying previously implemented strategies.