Case Histories Speak Volumes


Case History – Petroleum C-Store

A Petroleum and Convenience store operator asked us to expand their gas and store brands. We built a list of existing gas and convenience store operators plus other verticals within specific geographical areas. We combined our list research with our seasoned professional call services and put our most experienced consultants on this task. Our goal was to find existing gas and convenience store operators and to ask if they may be interested in re-branding under our clients brand our have an interest in opening a new gas and convenience store or have an interest in a new petroleum supplier and or marketer. Our campaign was so successful that we generated anywhere from 40 to 90 meetings per month for their sales team and continue to do so on an ongoing basis. We provide more information on each call, which translates to ascertaining a formula for success.

Case History – Lead Verification and Scheduling of Meetings

A company was having a difficult time reaching prospects who had requested information on their services. The information was sent to the prospect, but then there was a disconnect with the prospect, no further communication. We researched the problem and found that in most part that their sales team would call them once and not follow-up again, because they were too busy. We developed and implemented a comprehensive program in which we would track each call on more than 7 to 10 contacts, but we didn’t stop there. We put in place a calling services plan, an e-mail marketing automation plan and text services platform, where we would reach the consumer after normal business hours and on weekends. A dramatic change occurred in which we went from  a 2% response rate with their exiting team to a 47% response rate within our system. We know represent 22 of their brands and continue to increase our base of brands each month.

Case History – Nimble thinking

Through daily research, keeping abreast of the latest trends and agency moves, we discovered that a national retailer was in the process of conducting an agency search. We found that the agency we work for had extensive experience in this retailers field.  This could possible be a perfect fit for our client.  After researching the decision maker, we developed a packaged theme that was sent to him the next day. This included a promotional item that would draw an emotional connection and knew the decision maker would place great importance upon, an introductory letter and flash drive of creative along with a short concise presentation. Two days later we were called by his assistant and invited to attend the 60 million dollar review along with only 3 other agencies.

Case History – Persistence payoff

After several calls and e-mails, over the period of one year to a automotive dealer group, we were contacted out of the blue by the dealer group to have the agency that we were representing come into their headquarters and make a pitch for media management. They decided the week before to end their relationship with their current agency. We contacted the agency we represented on this business and informed them of the meeting, what the expectations were and specifically the concentrations of media they were most interested in hearing. This worked exceedingly well for them as they landed all of the business within a 4 week timeframe. This represented a 20 million dollar account for the agency.

Case History – An emotional connection

A toy manufacturer in the northeast United States was cold called by our team. After extensive research and business development acumen we determined that the vice president of North American marketing was originally based in the hometown of the agency we were representing. Her roots were from the same area and we saw many commonalities that might build a long and lasting relationship. She immediately was interested in speaking further with this agency. In a subsequent discovery meeting, she found value in working with this agency. The agency not only worked for this decision maker, but she passed a reference on to several other key marketing areas within this company.

Case History – Come in, out of the cold

A retailer with 3,000+ store locations was being researched and cold called. We reached the decision maker and suggested a program in which we could conduct a media audit to determine which stores should be served by which element of media, including direct mail. The Chief Marketing Officer was impressed with our knowledge of chain store retail marketing. She asked for a meeting to decide which markets should be served by weekly newspapers and which markets should be served by direct mailed circulars. The total pieces averaged more than 14 million per month. The agency we represented was an expert in this field and ultimately began a long and lasting relationship.