Fuel and Convenience Marketing

Fuel and Convenience Marketing

Putting together a comprehensive lead generation campaign for either gas and or convenient stores can be a daunting task. We have accomplished this task with amazing results, because it is our expertise and what we specialize in.

The program that we have built has several key components that drive customer inquiries about your brand(s), services and contract fuels pricing. The components that drive such a program usually involve list strategy, outbound calling services, inbound answering services, chat services, marketing automation, direct marketing and systematic delivery of customer relationship marketing tools.

Our fuel and convenience marketing programs run cohesively and consistently, a true mark of delivery performance that overall enhances the touch points to the extent that name recall adds relevancy to the call. On average to generate recall it takes six touch points before your name is remembered. We take your message to market with the saying throughout our Excel Group, “persistence without bother.”

Having years of experience in list development within Excel, we begin by examining your database to the extent of deliverability and reliability. Often we merge your lists against an entirely new list company, one we may recommend because of prior results, to add unique hits, fuel and convenience stores you may have overlooked. We often examine other areas of interest that make sense from a standard industry classification point that makes sense for your company to engage. We also subscribe to the National Change of Address file monthly, checking for recent new fuel and convenience addresses. We gather other information from lead sources relevant to our marketing needs.

Our highly-experienced business development professionals are trained in the fuel and convenience store pitch. We are trained in overcoming objections and you could say we dig deeper and understand the mindset of whom we’re speaking with.

You could say this is our special sauce;

  • Who we call (lists).
  • What time do we engage?
  • When do we follow-up, critical.
  • Where do they actually work, do you get their mobile phones, we do.
  • Why, our scripts have been developed through trial and error, we dig deeper.
  • How, our elaborate system records conversations for your team and tracks calls.

Our Inbound answering service fields calls after normal business hours and they speak with a live voice. We stay up late 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Did you know that 40 percent of inquiries come after hours to your web site and to our inbound answering services? That’s why we include CHAT services.

Chat247Live is our internal customer Chat system that we use to engage customer inquiries in real time. With 40 percent of traffic coming to your web site after normal business hours, doesn’t it make sense to engage in real time exactly when they want to hear from you, to schedule an appointment or to get answers to their immediate questions.

What we do is schedule introductions exactly with those people your sales team wants to meet. We have found that fuel and convenient stores sales teams are better equipped for sales presentations than to be on the phone all day trying to schedule meetings.

By using our service you free up more time for your sales team to engage with the decision maker.

On average we generate a significant amount of introductions for your team generating between 40 to 70 introductions per month.

Send us an e-mail to inquire further, we would like to hear from you.