Leadership Team

Amy Winegardner Director : Call Services

Amy provides the organization and management skills necessary to execute successful campaigns for our various clients. She oversees our senior calling services group to ensure we are meeting all of our goals and objectives as well as all CRM systems being update daily. She  manages our texting services platform and e-mail marketing. Amy is also a trained graphic designer and works on creative projects as well. In her off time she is a crossing guard for Wyoming schools.

Director : Call Services

Tom Santen President : Founder

Tom has been involved on the agency side for the past 27 years before starting Excel Lead Development in 2009. He started his career with Harte-Hanks Communications in Texas. A graduate of the University of Cincinnati, Tom enjoys playing tennis and anything outdoors.

President : Founder

Ed Sawyer Vice President : Client Services

Ed has been involved in business leadership for the past 30 years having been the Athletic Director for three schools and at one point organizing and implementing sports programs for 70 plus coaches. He is a former Collegiate hockey player. He leads Excel’s client services and is responsible for the communication process to our clients. In his off time, he likes to cross train and stay fit.

Vice President : Client Services

Bill Santen Customer Engagement


Bill brings a wealth of sales knowledge having been in the sales and marketing channel with Procter & Gamble. He has developed unique strategies to assist our clients in obtaining introductions with key stake holders. He is never at a loss for developing intricate campaigns that involve multiple touch points. He is a graduate of Georgetown University and a Korean Veteran serving on the front lines as a medic.

Customer Engagement

Bob Berendsen Chief Marketing Officer

Bob has demonstrated a unique talent set when working in the digital and creative space. He is responsible for our digital tactics, which include moble, landing page design, Adwords and LinkedIn campaigns

Chief Marketing Officer

Gerzell Mathey Content Marketing

Gerzell is a leader in understanding and executing marketing automation on our platform, Sharpspring. Marketing departments and marketing employees benefit by specifying criteria and outcomes for tasks and processes which are then interpreted, stored and executed by Sharpspring software, which increases efficiency and reduces human error.

Content Marketing