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Chat Service 24/7

Our Chat 24/7 Live for your web site helps to answer questions in real time which often converts to a sale. Many clients ask us – how do I measure the success of my Chat trial? We suggest you consider the value from both your customers’ perspective and your observations.

By having Chat 24/7 Live on your website, you are out-performing the competition by meeting or exceeding consumers’ expectations of response times. Over 50% of leads come in after hours, and Chat service ensures you capture these customers’ contact information immediately.

Benefits to Multi-Unit / Franchise Industry Businesses and all Companies

 Improve your brand perception by providing better online customer service.

 Turn more anonymous online visitors into leads with the latest online communications channels; round-the-clock live chat and embedded scheduling.

 Convert more leads into sales with teleconferencing, scheduling, and special offer promotion during live chats.

 Receive employment requests and feedback on sales, website, and customer service issues as well as complaints.

 Extend your online marketing reach beyond your website to Facebook, and online marketing campaigns.
 Determine sales team effectiveness with franchisor and local mystery shopping.
 Discover brand wide or competitors’ online marketing effectiveness with SEO score ranking by location or competitor.

 Use our API to integrate chat data with your dashboard and CRMs.

 Create a variety of summary and detailed reports, generate KPIs, select lead capture and conversion options, control other account features.

Customer Benefits of Live Chat

How do your customers feel about the availability of live chat on your website? They are not only more likely to purchase from you, they have a stronger impression of your brand because you use live chat. Additionally, our experience shows that customers are more likely to request a quote from a live person vs. submitting a web form. We attempt to reduce variation and/or waste in processes, so that the desired outcome can be achieved with better utilization of resources and less allocation of dollars spent.

Our processes align to your business goals. An organization’s strategic goals should provide the key direction for any new business lead generation program. We are lead driven and need to underscore the importance of aligning business processes to achieve higher lead generation output. For any process to be controllable, it is essential that there be clarity on who are the process owners, and what constitutes success/failure of the process. These success/failure levels also help establish “control limits” for the process, and provide a healthy check on whether or not a process is meeting the desired customer objectives. If you have not tried Chat Services, we recommend a Trial. Please respond to our Chat box, that you would like to discuss further.

We understand the product mix
At Excel Leads we take the time to learn the newest innovation technologies in the marketplace, what’s trending and what is hot.  We are experts in engaging several topics of discussion as this is our business, were paid to keep abreast of the many product offerings.  These include and are not limited to the companies where we have Chat Services in place:

• Shopper Marketing

• Branding

• Consumer Package Goods (CPG)

• Creative

• Media (traditional and non-traditional)

• Digital

• Social Media

• Integrated Marketing

• Landing Pages

• Micro Sites

• Direct Mail

• Web Design

• Free Standing Inserts

• Displays and Kiosks

• Event Marketing

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