I have worked with and known Tom for over 20 years. I found him to be a man of integrity, with high values, an excellent family man, a person of spirituality. He has acquired formally and through business experiences excellent sales and marketing skills. He is an expert in business development, one of the most competent members of our team representing more than 26 divisions as a senior marketing and national accounts supervisor.

Craig Combest
President Harte-Hanks Direct Marketing
Board Member Harte-Hanks Communications
Publicly Traded Company, 7,000 employees

Tom Santen created, organized and managed our business development program at ja&g advertising. Tom recommended and put into use the appropriate software and other list services needed to develop an aggressive and successful business development effort. Tom was organized, positive and always very persistent in his efforts to market our advertising agency.

As CEO, and majority owner of the agency, i was busy working with our existing clients, and running the business, so it was imperative that our business development program was managed and executed in a turn key fashion. Tom allowed me that luxury.

Tom was responsible for helping us generate significant new business revenue during his time at ja&g as well as for Blackboard Marketing.

Sam Gingrich
CMO, Blackboard Marketing
Former CEO JA&G Advertising
Former Corporate Advertising Manager – Kroger All Banner Stores
AOR Cincinnati Reds, Xavier Men & Women’s Basketball, Kroger Banner Stores, Jeff Wyler Automotive,
Duane Reade, Eckerd, Sara Lee, Alberto-Culver plus several others.

I found Tom Santen’s marketing team to be very professional and great executers on multiple marketing programs that drove leads and sales for us. They are very knowledgeable in many different marketing vehicles and are willing to work with you in streamlining marketing programs that get results. I would highly recommend Tom and his team.

Phil Mettra
Chief Marketing Officer
Legacy Franchise Group

I had the pleasure of working with Tom Santen on multiple occasions with CPG clients, retail and franchises while working for RME on new business development. Tom has big picture vision while not losing sight of the smaller details that can make or break a project. He treats each person with whom he comes in contact with as an equal, bringing such value to the table. I would find it difficult to say that I have worked with or know a finer individual than Tom. He is definitely someone you want working on your team, as he constantly motivates everyone he comes in contact with to get the job done!

Lana Phillips
Vice President, National Sales & Marketing
RME, Inc.